The Tentacles of Social Media.

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If social media has taught me anything it is that l was born during the wrong era.l work with pre-teenage and teenage girls in rural areas and l always tell them that l would have loved to be teenager in this opportune time because studying and reading would have been so easy.In our time we had to carry truckloads of books in our backpacks that are probably now the cause of my the back aches that as l become older. We had to visit the library almost everyday gobbling vast tracts of information stored up in these books.

l literally read all the encyclopedias in the school library-l loved reading in the library and that’s how l developed a steadfast culture of reading.I was not very selective of the titles , at that time one could read Nancy Drew , the Hardy Boys and jump straight to the Mills and Boon series ( the later was not found in school libraries of course) in between reading that scary book on all the tropical diseases found in Africa. If you think Nollywood is exciting it is because you never read the Pace-Setters books coming out of Nigeria.Every parent had to buy the Student Companion.Now young people just have to be part of social media groups and understand how to use the internet and then information just oozes out of the media apps to such an extent that there is even now disinformation- it is just not fair .However for this l am grateful because l do not struggle with attention deficit as so many of the young people nowadays struggle with because of the side effects of social media is a failure to concentrate on one thing for more than thirty minutes.

It is amazing what our young people can do because of social media.l only learnt how to use a computer when l was starting to work in my early twenties and only through a crush course l had to beg for from my young sister after l had inadvertently told the interviewer that l could use a computer when l could not ( and you know how young sisters are like). My nine year old daughter also knows things about computers and social media l could possibly only dream that l still struggle with and my 5 year old twin boys already know how to use everyone’s smartphone . Social media has thus taught me that l was born in the wrong era and for good cause l wouldn’t have gone to school -why would l need to go to school with the tutorials of everything on youtube. Hopefully my children do not read this because l do want them to not go to school, because if there is another lesson that social media has taught me it is that human bonds and connection are important.

You can have many friends on all the social media platforms but the ones that truly count are the ones whom you can whisper to and touch in your moments of happiness and despair. Social media can be flattering yet a facade and sometimes we ruin our very good relationships when we twerk at our keyboards following the latest tweets and posts while ignoring our partners and family in the same room because we become so fixated on our screens.

Social media has taught me that as a marketing person the field has not changed but rather that it is the medium that has changed. The principles of marketing as espoused by the gurus of marketing remain the same. Social media is the new ‘place’ everything else is still marketing. So for now my profession is still safe but l worry about artificial intelligence ‘AI’ -we won’t be needed soon l say- but for now make hay while the sun shines.

The last lesson is a lesson l teach young people- do not post pictures of yourself in compromising positions on social media. Social media does not forget quickly. Once it’s out there it’s out there in the clouds never to be deleted.Do not say l never told you so!

Published by Sfe Sebata

I am Social Entrepreneur and Development Practitioner who is passionate about young people and women.l live in rural areas by choice.l love catalyzing rural economies .l can paint and draw.l have an opinion and willing to speak up for social justice and equality.My background is in Art , Marketing ,Socially Responsible Tourism and Theology.

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