Patriarchy-A Common Attribute Of Our Culture.

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The domination of men in all spheres of life and decision making is the essence of patriachy. It is unfortunate that this is not only a community level problem but a national and African problem and a tendency that is amplified by its proximity to our African Culture . It is so well practised and enshrined in the day to day lifestyle that it has become the fabric of our communities yet the purveyor of the inequalities and injustices befalling our women and girls the world over such that although its existence is microscopic its institution has macro effects.

Patriachy has a allowed the perpetuation of a system of subjugation under the guise of culturap respect yet it is the very muffler of women and girls dreams.It emboldens our cultural acceptance of violation and degradation of women and girls , so well thought out and planned in and out of season to such an extent that young girls aged even ten endeavour to pull their labias in the pursuit to ensure they do not suffer the consequences of failing to have the attributes that the system has taught young men to look out for in a future bride. The patriachial system has taught boys to look for the pliable characteristics of a women to its institution creating in young men a confused symbiosis of what a woman should feel and look like by instilling visions of sumptuous breast beckoning to their desires , with buttocks and hips the true analogy of a women leaving our communities with desperate girls and women drinking poisonous concoctions of hip and buttocks enlargement while stripping off the top protective melanin from our dark skins to please the ogling eyes of enslaved African boys with a warped perception of beauty.

When a boisterous untrained, educated female takes the reins then patriachy emboldens the manhood to call her a prostitute and charlatan for demanding a level playing field even in such unalluring professions as politics and academia all the while society looking on , pliable to the tendencies of this heavy load on the earth.

Patriachy emboldens violence and mistreatment of women justifying huge expenditures on defences budgets in the name of fortifying defences systems while it is a way of ensuring its endurance , while amenities such as water systems and infrasture are dilapidated and decimated in the name of satisfying the sprawling empires of sperms scattered everywhere to preserve generational patriachial mobility frowning at women who produce girls at child birth all the while ulogising births of sons as a symbol of manhood-women so well trained to celebrate this naive achievement.

The adjudication that men must make and prelude all the events in the lives of women and girls is not only myopic but suffocating and a disservice to the growth of our communities and nations. The role of community building cannot be left to the self serving nature of men and this has been aptly demonstrated by how well countries run by women have been able to cope with the impacts of Covid -19. It is not to put men and boys at the periphery of decision making but rather to leverage the relationships so that a more balanced view point becomes obtainable. Men and boys are apt to use biology as the stumbling block to the emancipation and growth of the women movement but biology is meant to promulgate the extension of the human territory and prowess rather than as a means of subjugation. It is the combination of the human spirit as represented in male and female that society can advance forward. While others are apt to use biology others have found relevancy in religion and have used the words well articulated in scriptures as a means to imperil the advancement of women but history is full of events of those who used religious manuscripts for evil rather than for good which could not have been the desire of the author of the holy scriptures. Some still have used tradition as a tool to celebrate and deliver bondage to women yet still this is highly unfair but a negation of roles from the early iron age with women helping to hunt and gather.

Our differences as men and women are not meant to divide us neither are they meant as a process for one to run rough-shode over another but rather that we compliment each to grow and cause the human race to multiply and replicate. It will take men of greater intellect and resolution than most in this generation to come to a realization that gender equity is not a misnomer but the standard and that we cannot continue to incalculate these unfavourable tenets within the fabric of our community in the name of accepted cultural norms and values for it eventually becomes an endearing pandemic that will lead to a quick demise of the human population as grown men seek to obliterate the voices of young liberated females calling for a just and equal world while the mysogonist cherish the brutality that is espoused in patriarchy.

Our fall as humans in the present world is much engrained in the failure of systems like patriachy to disengage from normal day to day living with sadly women in our communities so indoctrinated to such a level as to be enablers of patriarchy instilling in future generations the patriachy label that is so difficult to diffuse. The benefeciation of only one aspect of the human race is the center of the lopsided nature of the human life cycle as patriachy is the enabler of unbalanced resource allocation as only the strong and capable are left at the top of the food chain while the vulnerable are left to die. Nature shows a more balanced viewpoint of how the difference in biology can be used to advance a species. When we continue to practice patriachy we will continue to see skewed populations and adverse effects such as the gap between the rich and poor expanding. Those who will flourish are those who have seen the the folly of one sided non inclusive cultural approaches.

When a cohort of women breaks up and sums up the courage to fight the injustice then whole systems are created to destroy the very essence of the struggle with communities lapping up this poison. Whole industries built on the fetishes of patriachial societies. Fights against corruption and social decay target the cornered existence of women taking women to the gallows in the name of witch-hunting and whistle blowing while the tide and wave seemingly curved to miss the machismo. When one of their own fails the patriachial system rushes to protect with cronyism and enablement. Tradition and culture leveraged to take away the rightful heir to the throne in the name of the patriarchial tribe with the young woman cowering at the accusation of wanting to usurp the traditions of the forefathers. The same who ensured never a woman was to break forth through the ranks placed ever so carefully at the peripheral ensure the perpetration of vile practices as asking for a cow to indicate that the girl at marriage was a virgin while by night they come to seek out the services of the same girl. women to. Villages with elongated and higher sits for the man and women sidelined to the African reed mats.

Fathers gone so long to hunt and gather food while women wait patiently for conjugal rights while he exercises his , the shame of journeys to Egoli the place Gold. Patriarchy so etched in our society that whole lockdowns have seen women bearing the brunt of family care while men imbibe on their addictions of varying sorts. The sound of women and girls going to cut grass in the early cold hours in a bush teeming with lions and elephants leave the question begging that what is so special about these particular villages that the men negate grass cutting to women in order for the grass to cover the same roofs the women will experiance patriachy in.

Such is patriachy in our communities , well engrained and flourishing a common cultural attribute.

Published by Sfe Sebata

I am Social Entrepreneur and Development Practitioner who is passionate about young people and women.l live in rural areas by choice.l love catalyzing rural economies .l can paint and draw.l have an opinion and willing to speak up for social justice and equality.My background is in Art , Marketing ,Socially Responsible Tourism and Theology.

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