Afrophobia Has No Place ln Modern Africa.

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I do feel sad that l would have loved to write a more alluring post about a particular current affairs issue with a more enduring impact on popular culture than a piece on Afrophobia. I did not want to write about a difficult subject but l am compelled first as a proud Zimbabwean and secondly as a proud African to pen my thoughts on the recent hashtag Zimbabweansmustfall on social media especially twitter.

In this day and age we have people on the African continent peddling the fall of fellow Africans. The irony of this is the same peddlers of such rhetoric jump on the black lives matter mantra.

My fellow Africans who are Afrophobic l feel sad for you. It is shameful to even ponder that there is a generation in our midst who even have such incredulous thoughts. You bring shame to our heritage as Africans. I put it to you that you must put ideas and notions in retrospect-the crimes do not justify the rhetoric , it is sad. George Floyd sparked a movement despite the fact that he had his flaws like every human being but his flaws did not justify his murder. To those fellow Africans who practise Afrophobia -the hatred of fellow Africans ,l will not peddle a narrative to justify or deny the accusations you profess against my kith and kin but only to say fellow Africans-we are better than this , we have a responsibility to each other to take care of each other and to support each other. We can speak about the issues we face as Africans without pointing fingers. We can hold each other accountable without name calling. We can improve the lot of our people without blame shifting. Our continent can grow bigger and better when we are united. We can hold our governments more accountable as an African citizenry than a divided people. We can claim a better place for African when we join hands.

I am not Afrophobic and l refuse to channel fear-mongering. Those whose lives are centered on phobia-mongering build on foundations that will crumble. Foundations and institutions based on fear never suffice or grow. If the idea of the hashtag is movement building -it has failed even when it is beginning. If it is to peddle influence -those who carry it need counseling and healing . Such movements flounder and tether and eventually crumble. Yes , it is possible that we have Zimbabweans engaged in abominable activities on the continent but each race and tribe has such people. Each race and tribe has it’s own great people too and Zimbabwe is no exception. I live in a border , tourist town and l come across different races and tribes every- day. Zimbabwe is a plethora of different races and tribes with Africans from across the board. We choose to celebrate our brothers and sisters. Faulted as we might be Zimbabwe has taken her son’s and her daughters into harm’s way many a time. It might not be to the knowledge of those who peddle such hatred but our economy begun to tether when thousands of our sons and daughters were put in the frontline to defend the Republic of Congo were a blood bath awaited her people had Zimbabwe not intervened. Our leaders led with the baton stick and always they do -clearly they lack in other aspects but the defence of the African brotherhood is not one of those. Just recently Boko Haram were laying siege in Mozambique . There is a recent silence to the Boko -Haram noise in Mozambique all thanks to our leader who took a trip during a Covid pandemic to help a fellow brother out. Mind you Boko Haram is not child’s play. We are only about 10 million in Zimbabwe , they would bomb their way very quickly to the citadels of Afrophobie headquarters. The paradise you call home, were you sit being keyboard warriors disparaging fellow Africans who risked life and limb for what now you think is emancipation would crumble all the more quickly. Have you not heard -that those who live in glass houses should not play ball with stones. The classes that are being brewed by unskewed distribution of resources will create a plethora of problems that we experienced know only two well. You would do well to learn from us and avoid our pitfalls rather than deride our shortcomings. Afterall Zimbos are made of sterner stuff. What we have survived all to well others might not cope so well with. I am not ashamed that l am Zimbabwean. I love being Zimbabwean and love my fellow Africans .

Afrophobies when those with the same color skin as you own the resources that flow through your country then you will know what is emancipation. When you value the part that the whole of the African continent played for you so that you can bleach your skin yellow and start thinking that you are not one of us then you will be emancipated. When you know that all of us Africa we are one then you will truly be emancipated. When your fellow countryman can die for other Africans then you will be emancipated. Our continent will not be built by Afrophobia.

We are Africans , belong to each other , and must help each other grow. We will not always get it right all the time -when we fail , we must question each other in love and not let bigotry, religion and self hatred be our stumbling block.

P.S when the tide turns as it surely always does and you need help from my children, they will offer it gladly. If its love they might find it. Let us not pander to racism , tribalism, xenophobia and Afrobhobia.

It is only prudent to discover while the sun shines that other countries are embracing fellow Africans and learning from each other , finding solace in African brotherhood. l for one love my fellow Africans and wish that our works and character will not be judged by our tribes , race , ethnicity but on the mantle of our individual characteristics. Zimbabwe will rise !Africa will rise! Aluta Continua!

Published by Sfe Sebata

I am Social Entrepreneur and Development Practitioner who is passionate about young people and women.l live in rural areas by choice.l love catalyzing rural economies .l can paint and draw.l have an opinion and willing to speak up for social justice and equality.My background is in Art , Marketing ,Socially Responsible Tourism and Theology.

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