The Sound Of The Hilly Place

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They had tried everything. They had hoped for the best. They kept on believing that the best would happen to them. Thiers was a fairy tale that needed to end well.

Tichatonga had swept Aunt Nomsa’s heart from the day he set his eyes on her beautiful well sculpted African body. His shy eyes hiding his passion for life and love, but meeting the gaze of Nomsa Strongly. I was visiting my Aunt who had moved here some time ago with her husband who was now facing challenges associated with his age and an unknown health ailment. I had come to help to take care of him.

It had been folly on his part to marry a woman half his age. Her energy and stamina had contributed to his ailing health as he tried to keep up with her stamina but his old bones had gone to frail. That he could no longer satisfy his young wife eat him up as he watched in plain sight men gazing unashamedly at his young bride hoping for his peril so that they would sneak in and take his place. He hoped that when he had left the earth his young wife my fathers young sister, my Aunt would not fall for such tricks. He knew that he was leaving the earth soon enough and as such had left ample protection for her in the form of a will. His wealth was legendary in these hilly parts , he had acquired by sheer hard work cattle , goats, sheep ,turkeys and birdlife and by good fortune had found a wife that he was willing to spend the rest of his days and wealth with.

Tichatonga meaning one day we will rule- was the name his father had given him when the Chiefdom war between the two Mazondo families had escalated. With the Chieftaincy taken away by his younger brother while he worked in the city his father had become bitter and called him Tichatonga. He never did get the chance to rule as a quick death met him after imbibing at gogo Mazanas homestead. He came back complaining of a headache and went to sleep early but he never did wake up.That is how Tichatonga lost his father.

Angry and bitter Tichatonga left the hilly homestead of his ancestors to find solace in city life, with his integrity and determination he soon found work in Harare as the trusted driver to the big Chef. He was a rural boy and new the value of money -sending back ever so often to his mother to buy his livestock, and buy she did and multiply they did, until the homestead was teeming with all manner of livestock. He was not much of a ladies man so he did not see the years pass him buy but fate brought him to my aunt when he he picked her from Mbare in pouring rain and as her wet clothes stuck to her body he was mesmerized by the sumptuous silhouette and her youthful and innocent face. They hit it off immediately and fell in love. He had found medicine for his broken heart and a remedy to help him return and settle back to the land of his ancestors. My aunt being a rural girl did not mind relocating to his rural home were there were supposed to live happily ever after.

Everything was going well until the whispers came from the older women that something was wrong in the marriage because there was no sound of a baby in the yard. Offcourse they had been trying for a baby but it was now evident that this endeavour had failed. Now Tichatonga was also showing signs of ill heath. At first he thought it was tiredness but he kept on feeling weaker as the days and months went by. Being a proper African he tried a little bit of everything , Pentecostals , vapostori , African traditional medicine but nothing seemed to give him varlour, strength and health.

Aunt Nomsa being a clever African woman had not been sitting idly while her man waisted. When she realised he was losing stamina she had quickly told her friend who had said she knew just the portion to get her man right on track to strength and power. She aptly gave her a powder and told her to put it in his porridge every morning and he would be soon mended. Alas, as the days went by he became weaker and weaker -unbeknown to Nomsa her dear friend had been given a portion of deadly slow poison by gogo Mazana. Tichatonga wasted away with each day as the poison slipped through his blood.

When l visited l was told that he always needed his powder with his food. Being observant l had noticed how my aunt’s best friend always came to check on my uncle Tichatonga and his health and become rather agitated when asking about his health taking aunt Nomsa to ask if she was giving him his powder. I could see how the disease was taking a toil on aunt and asked her that she not worry herself with too much work. l would take care of everything including cooking for uncle Tichatonga. I stopped giving him the powder and he improved ever so slightly. One day l asked to visit the big city for two days. I took with me some of the powder and dropped off at my friends workplace were she now worked as a lab assistant. l asked her to check on the powder. She said l should come back tomorrow-when l arrived the next say she asked were l had got the powder .l explained and she told me it was a type of slow poison . Aunt Nomsa had been hoodwinked. They wanted to kill Tichatonga for the hcchieftainship.

I quickly ran and boarded a bus to the hilly place with the mountains. I found aunt Nomsa looking pale and worried. Uncle Tichatonga was at his last ebb, he had been sleeping all day and was probably now on his last few days on earth. l needed to see him. l had been given an antidote that had a quick turnaround and if administrated quickly would save him. He had to survive. I needed him to be alive. I narratived everything to Aunt Nomsa and while doing so l saw uncle Tichatonga stirring. As he woke up l was dying in my heart to let him know what l had discovered, l needed him to know there was a chance for him.

It is now two years since that fateful day that he woke up and took the antidote that l was dying to give him. The sound of a baby cries as Aunt Nomsa washes him. A future Chief. Tichatonga!

Published by Sfe Sebata

I am Social Entrepreneur and Development Practitioner who is passionate about young people and women.l live in rural areas by choice.l love catalyzing rural economies .l can paint and draw.l have an opinion and willing to speak up for social justice and equality.My background is in Art , Marketing ,Socially Responsible Tourism and Theology.

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