A Climate Smart Technology Towards Food Security in Zimbabwean Rural Areas- Pfumvudza/Intwasa Part 1

The relationship between poverty , nutrition and food security is a complicated matrix that is indisputable. Poverty is difficult to eliminate when people are food insecure. The quality of the food also determines the level of the poverty. The challenges presented by climate change further complicate the food nutrition poverty nexus. The fool is theContinue reading “A Climate Smart Technology Towards Food Security in Zimbabwean Rural Areas- Pfumvudza/Intwasa Part 1”

Drinking In The Forefathers Wells Of Poverty

It is profoundly perplexing how poverty can be owned so beautifully by those experiencing its wretched hold. It is as if one is drinking from the forefathers wells -only of poverty. The complex nature of poverty is that it cannot be broken by piecemeal solutions. It usually has a generational mandate passed down from oneContinue reading “Drinking In The Forefathers Wells Of Poverty”

Racism finds Solace in Patriarchy

It is an anomaly how the slave trade was perpetuated for so long? How systems like colonialism flourished forso long ? And, how Racism is the hidden go-to tool of most modern systems. The domination and subjugation of one race , tribe over another stems from a need to have power over another , rootedContinue reading “Racism finds Solace in Patriarchy”

The Patriarchy Series : Self Preservation-The Hallmark of the Patriarchs

There is an African idiom that alludes to the fact that when the elephants fight it is the ground that suffers. It is a reflection of how ugly the domineering character so common in patriarchy can become destructive. Patriarchy by its nature leads to inequality and skewed resources patterns because it accumulates more for itselfContinue reading “The Patriarchy Series : Self Preservation-The Hallmark of the Patriarchs”

The Despair of the Unknown

In-school learning and physical classroom attendence is an important social protective net.Young people find solace and relationship in the conducive environment of school.They learn to interact and learn to lead but also learn to follow in a way that results in success.The well being of young being in the school environment is usually tilted forContinue reading “The Despair of the Unknown”

THE PATRIARCHY SERIES-When Matriarchs Enable Patriarchy.

Powerful men are usually political figures , religious leaders , academics and business leaders. Patriarchy is when all decisions and power solely rests with the male figurehead in a family, society, institution or nation. Patriarchs do find solace in a type of matriarchal behaviour that enables and perpetuates their behaviour . Matriarchs like patriarchs areContinue reading “THE PATRIARCHY SERIES-When Matriarchs Enable Patriarchy.”

THE PATRIARCHY SERIES Patriarchy-The Young Men’s Hurdle.

In most instances the impact of the male figurehead is clearly exhibited by the experiences women encounter with those of the male species. However a hidden effect of patriarchy is experienced by young men. Boys and young men suffer in silence yet also carry the brutal effects of patriarchy , one might ridicule this observationContinue reading “THE PATRIARCHY SERIES Patriarchy-The Young Men’s Hurdle.”

Period poverty needs a truth revolution in Africa!

#day21 #WinterABC2020 #afrobloggerswinterchallenge Today is the penultimate day in the winter African blogging challenge.Today we were asked to revamp an old story and bring it to life. I have revamped my post that was initially called Period Poverty needs a truth revolution in Zimbabwe.This is an issue dear to my heart and it is alsoContinue reading “Period poverty needs a truth revolution in Africa!”

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