Four Social Media Accounts l Am ln Love With.

#Day9 #WinterABC2020 #afrobloggers I am a passionate creative artist so my passions are not shades of grey rather there are very black or white. When l like something l love it or simply loathe it. l unashamedly love the multi- faceted kubatana site A popular Zimbabwean site with the following social media handles reading “Four Social Media Accounts l Am ln Love With.”

Self Reflections On Content Creation.

#Day8 #contentcreation #WinterABC2020 #afrobloggerswinterchallenge My content creation is a work in progress.As an African creating content l thought it best to not throw the stone to far away from me and focus on self.l reflection of those mistakes l ought to avoid.My writing enthusiasm came from my experience in writing biblical sermons for both myContinue reading “Self Reflections On Content Creation.”


#WinterABC2020 #day7 #afrobloggerswinterchallenge Zimbabwe has countless writers and bloggers whose pieces always give me copious amounts of reflections. The works consist of a myriad of different subjects ranging from analysis of our Socio Micro and Macro conditions to inspiration about Art and Culture and sometimes good old fashioned opinion pieces. I love the work byContinue reading “MY VOICES FROM ZIMBABWE.”

The Tentacles of Social Media.

#WinterABC2020 #day6 #afrobloggerswinterchallenge If social media has taught me anything it is that l was born during the wrong era.l work with pre-teenage and teenage girls in rural areas and l always tell them that l would have loved to be teenager in this opportune time because studying and reading would have been so easy.InContinue reading “The Tentacles of Social Media.”

Becoming Sefelepelo Sebata.

My name is Sefelepelo Sebata. It was and still is a difficult name for most people to pronounce. My school teachers of different cultures and backgrounds had varying versions of what they thought my name sounded like-my lndian primary school teacher asked me what was the short version of my name -I said Sfe andContinue reading “Becoming Sefelepelo Sebata.”

What is the main goal of my site?

My site : The Musings Of A Rural Social Entrepreneur- stem from my advocacy work as a development worker , mentor , artist ,theologian ,writer and villager entrenched in rural life. lt is quite absurd for me that sixty percent of Zimbabweans live in rural areas yet are one of the most underrepresented populations withContinue reading “What is the main goal of my site?”

Introduction and Commitment Pledge

The Musings of a Rural Social Entrepreneur are stories and reflections l encounter in my quest to bring a voice and agency to the issues rural youth and women face.My name is Sefelepelo Sebata. l make a commitment in the next coming days of the Afrobloggers winter challenge to stay true to my roots andContinue reading “Introduction and Commitment Pledge”

The Dilemma of Covid -19 in Africa

I grew up in the nineties in Zimbabwe. The hallmark of Zimbabwe in the nineties was the Economic structural adjustment program famously touted ESAP. ESAP was one of the many drives by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the African continent to make the mostly command South African economies more liberal. Most of Africa hadContinue reading “The Dilemma of Covid -19 in Africa”

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